From Bon Ton to Rock n’Roll

Da Elisa Pubblicato il 10 Luglio 2018

A lonely, adventurous bride wanders the old town of a beautiful Italian city at wintertime discovering grand palaces, Roman arches and ruins. A ride in the merry-go-round at sunset changes her mood and she ends up in a tattoo parlour and a stylish brewery.

Concept, design and coordination: Merry Le Marche  ♥ Photography: Amaneraphoto ♣ Vintage clothes courtesy of: My Loft Vintage ♠ Hair style: Mafè Creations  ♦ Make up: Stefania Nigra ♠ Bouquet: Nadia Pacino ♣ Locations: the streets and palaces of Fano, C2 Tattoo Parlour, Renton Brewery