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Peter O’Donoghue

Let’s talk Marche 2: Peter O’Donoghue

And here we are, back again with a brand new interview with another friend from another land shot and edited by Luca Berloni ( Today we are in the company of London born Peter O’Donoghue. Peter is an entrepreneur and business consultant who has been in a love affair with Marche for almost 9 years now. He ended up here while couchsurfing across Europe and ended up staying.

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Carnival floats parade 2 - Fano - Marche - Italy

Welcome to the oldest (and sweetest) Carnival in Italy!

This old, goliardic and fun event has been celebrated in the pretty coastal city of Fano (province of Pesaro and Urbino) every year since the 14th century. It provides enjoyment for the locals and tens of thousands of visitors from all over Italy, who flock there to take part in the oldest event of its kind on the peninsula.

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Silence of snow - Macerata - Marche - Italy

The 4 seasons in Marche

Luca Berloni is a naturalistic photographer who was born and raised in Marche. When not busy riding his mountain bike and exploring wild places, he also collaborates with Merry Le Marche, providing videography and editing whenever we do interviews for our blog.

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