Business to Business

At Merry Le Marche we put our long standing expertise and competence at the service of other businesses wishing to improve their brand, diversify their offering and gain new happy customers.

In an increasingly competitive market, companies must constantly adapt and keep pace with the ever changing business landscape. We can help you do that.

Activities, Retreats and Masterclasses for your Venue in Le Marche

We offer customised solutions for venues wishing to organise entertaining activities for their guests at their venue or off-site. We can assist you with:

Organising a range or services or a retreat suitable for your venue

Sourcing the perfect teachers and staff to run these activities

Local coordination to guarantee a well run event



We offer styling services for business wishing to renew their look, produce new marketing material and improve their photographic and videographic portfolio. We can:

Organise and coordinate a day of shooting on site

Source the suitable vendors to execute the vision

Design a concept reflecting your brand.

From Villa to Venue

Turning your villa into a wedding venue is a tempting idea, but can you really pull it off?

The wedding industry plays by its own logistical and design rules, so an experienced guide to help you plan a space that couples and their guests will find attractive is indispensable.

We offer consultancy to venue owners who wish to create successful weddings at their location. Our services include:

Sourcing suitable suppliers to implement the vision

Procuring the perfect architect for your needs

Interior design and spatial planning

Consultancy and design brief

3D modelling & rendering

Project management