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While in 2013 many fellow Italians were leaving our country seeking a better life abroad, we decided it was time to come home. We left our London and Paris lives behind with the single desire of elevating the international reputation of our region as a great holiday and wedding destination.

and wedding destination.

Le Marche was still the underdog of Italian regions then, but we were determined to put in on the map for those curious adventurers wishing to experience a somewhat different Italy without compromising on top-notch services and efficiency.

Italy without compromising on top-notch services and efficiency.

Today we can pride ourselves on countless happy customers, a new UK based team and a flattering amount of Merry Le Marche wannabes to confirm that we must have done something right. And most importantly, Le Marche is now on the map for the many intrepid travellers seeking another Italy.

intrepid travellers seeking another Italy.

Elisa Generali

In the past 15 years I have gained significant experience as a manager and business owner in both Italy and the UK. I specialise in branding, marketing and international weddings with an attitude.

I am Merry Le Marche’s co-founder, senior destination event designer, art director and a branding strategist.

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Chiara Nigra

I draw on experiences from a decade as a manager in the fascinating world of opera and cinema in both Italy and France, plus another as an Italy based event organiser.

Today I am Merry Le Marche’s co-founder, the creative and efficient designer of hands-on experiences and tour leader.

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Isabel Carmichael

I have a demonstrated history of handling high-end projects in tourism, food & wine in both the UK and Italy in addition to vast experience as a copywriter & stylist.

I am Merry Le Marche’s retreats, B2B experiences manager and curator of the future Le Marche Magazine.

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Peter O’Donoghue

I am a versatile British entrepreneur and company director with experience in numbers and marketing, in addition to passion for fine wine and road cycling.

I deal with Merry Le Marche’s accounting and marketing strategy.

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