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from bon ton to rock n’roll

A lonely, adventurous bride wanders the old town of a beautiful Italian city at wintertime discovering grand palaces, Roman arches and ruins. A ride in the merry-go-round at sunset changes her mood and she ends up in a tattoo parlour and a stylish brewery. Concept, design and coordination: Merry Le Marche  ♥ Photography: Amaneraphoto ♣ Vintage clothes […]

5 reasons your Italian wedding should be off the beaten track

italian wedding off the beaten track

Admit it, you are considering a destination wedding in Italy! You have, at least for a minute, thought about getting married in one of the Big Ones, i.e. the classic destinations such as Venice, Rome, Sorrento, Tuscany, Lake Como etc. And I totally get it, after all, who would not like to have wedding photographs […]