Merry Le Marche is an events organiser with a passion for the Italian region of Marche. They call Marche Italy in one region, and rightfully so. This incredible, yet still relatively unspoilt region in the heart of Italy is unmatched in terms of natural beauty, ancient culinary traditions, jaw dropping wedding locations and merry events and fairs.

This beautiful land is at the heart of all our activities and prime location for our weddings and hands-on activities. It has already smitten countless northern Europeans that have chosen it as a regular wedding location, holiday destination and, often, permanent home. Here you can live incredible experiences, feel genuinely spoiled and, at times, be the only non Italian around, which in central Italy is rare. With Merry Le Marche you can immerse yourself and witness the real laid-back Italian lifestyle everyone is longing for.

Our merry mission

Whether it’s a wedding or a special break we really believe in making our guests the protagonists of life changing experiences and owners of the powerful memories created by them.
We believe in our guests’ direct involvement with Marche, in feeling it with all of the 5 senses and becoming immersed in it. Both our weddings and breaks are journeys towards your own enrichment.
Merry Le Marche will be your go between, the key that opens the doors to ancient local traditions and locations otherwise inaccessible. We will be the planner of a unique and different wedding or break with a genuine Italian soul: the friend that turns you into a local in a respectful, sustainable way.

Our team


We founded Merry Le Marche in early 2015 because we wanted to share the treasures of our region with fellow lovers of beauty and give them the chance to experience the fun of being marchigiano (i.e. a person from Marche). We decided to put our previous experience in management, wedding and tourism together and join forces to create a brand new business and Merry Le Marche was born.

ELISA GENERALI – wedding planner & designer

CHIARA NIGRA – hands-on activities organiser