Merry Le Marche is a niche events organiser offering the merriest weddings and hands-on activities in Marche, Italy’s hidden gem.

They call Marche Italy in one region and rightfully so. It is unmatched in terms of variety of landscapes, food and wine tradition, exceptional wedding locations and hospitable people willing to share their traditions with you.

Let us turn you into an Italian!

Why Marche merryheartVERDE

As The New York Times wisely put it, “Le Marche feels like what Tuscany must have 10 or 20 years ago, before a million tourists polished its cobbles.

Sweet rolling hills scattered with olive trees and vineyards, secluded beaches of pebbles and sand, dramatic mountain tops and wild forests.

Everything you are looking for is already here.

A year long wedding

Merry Le Marche enjoys planning and designing somewhat different destination weddings where unusual twists of all sorts are greeted with a smile.

Vintage, rustic, boho, green & vegan, elopement, movie inspired, last minute,  and other similar tasks are all merrily catered for: the stylish Italian edge is on us.

Life is too short to not have an Italian wedding. Come and get married with us!


Merry Le Marche can help you to arrange a surprise wedding proposal for your loved one and show you potential wedding locations, as well as a good time! Visit this section to find out more.

Our motto is live what you see. That is why we are also working hard to give life to true Italian hands-on activities for all age groups. After taking part to one of our activities you will go home a bit more Italian than when you arrived. Coming in Summer 2017.