Marche: Italy in one region

As The New York Times wisely put it, “Le Marche feels like what Tuscany must have 10 or 20 years ago, before a million tourists polished its cobbles”. It has captivated many Northern Europeans so much that they have already decided to make it their home.

Le Marche, a strip of land gracefully positioned in the heart of Italy, is also known as Italy in one region and owes this epithet to its unique variety of landscapes. Here you can find yourself mesmerized by sweet rolling hills scattered with olive trees and vineyards, secluded beaches of pebbles and sand only accessible by sea, dramatic mountain tops and wild forests, romantic hill-top cobbled villages and even a Unesco world heritage site. This same variety is boasted by the region’s centuries old culinary and wine making tradition which fascinate and tantalize in equal measure.

Beautiful locations and top quality food and wine might be the reasons for another curious record held by Le Marche: it is the Italian region where people live the longest…guess why!


Marche: where

Le Marche sits right in middle of Italy, with one side stretching towards Umbria and Tuscany and the other towards the Adriatic Sea. Conveniently located in the heart of the peninsula, Le Marche can easily be reached from the rest of Europe thanks to the international airports at Ancona and Bologna. It is also a train ride away from all major Italian cities. (MAP & airport details).

The best international airports to fly to Marche, low-cost or not, are:

  • Ancona (AOI), in Marche
  • Bologna (BLQ), in Emilia Romagna
  • Perugia (PEG), in Umbria
  • Pescara (PSR), in Abruzzo