favicon_merrylemarcheerry Le Marche enjoys planning and designing somewhat different destination weddings where unusual twists of all sorts are greeted with a smile. Vintage, rustic, boho, green & vegan, elopement, movie inspired, last minute and other similar tasks are all merrily taken onboard: the add of the proverbial stylish Italian edge is on us.

True to the Merry Le Marche style, we believe that our couples should share some of the fun involved in organising such a life changing event. We believe in actively involving our lovebirds in the planning process so that the wedding will feel like a year long event starting on the engagement day and continuing for as long as the wedding planning lasts …until the grand finale which is normally a crazy party for couple, their family and friends and us planners.

We believe that with accurate time management all stress can be easily avoided and that the whole wedding planning process can be as much fun as the very day. In order to do that we use the Merry Le Marche approach: be active, get involved, live what you see. We don’t believe in a year of work for one day of fun” but in “one year of fun for one day of even more fun”.   


Organising a destination wedding might seem a daunting undertaking but with accurate time management it can be as much fun as the very day. We can make sure your wedding will last for as long as the planning does so jump onboard and let us help you creating a unique Italian wedding. 

This is what we can help you with and offer:

  • Pre wedding consultations (face to face/skype) with bride and groom
  • Assistance with legal matters and paperwork
  • Finding the ceremony/reception location
  • Celebrant for symbolic weddings
  • Finding and coordinating vendors
  • Accommodation and activities for the wedding party
  • Co-ordination on the wedding day
  • Any additional ideas you may have or may ask us to suggest

Obviously our wedding services are customizable. It is up to you to decide how much you want to do yourself and where you need our support for.

Our wedding coordinator will keep you informed of all details, including changes and progress via phone and Aisle Planner, an advanced planning app where all progress will be uploaded in real time for you to check.


We are an international company catering for clients from all over Europe and this is why we apply a wider rates policy than other wedding planning companies. We want want to keep all our clients happy, making sure that everyone gets what they pay for arranging the payment for the services in the way they are most accustomed to. Our initial agreement will state clearly what it is that you are going to get and from the signature onwards it will be a straight road to a great service and, as it is often the case, to a great and long-lasting friendship. 

INITIAL CONSULTATIONfree. The initial consultation is an informal chat where you get the chance to get to have a first impression of us as we will tell you a bit more about the way we deal with things. The chat is normally conducted over Skype and, with a bit of luck, face to face. It is an exchange of ideas, views and vibes. Some people click, some don’t and we want to make sure that you are sure you are happy to work with us from this important first encounter. During the consultation we will be asked random and not-so-random questions that will help us to come up with an initial basic planning strategy that will be submitted to you within 2 working days in the shape of a proposal. 

LEGAL MATTERS/TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING: from £500 Merry Le Marche can deal with all legal requirements necessary for you to get married in Italy. There are several documents that will need to be produced in order to get married here and requirements might slightly vary from place to place. We can assist you with all that and guarantee that the whole procedure will run smoothly as long as plenty of time is allowed (6 months). Some people chose to get legally married in their own country and choose instead to customise a terrific symbolic ceremony for Italy. We can assist you with that too. 

HOURLY RATE: € 40. The hourly rate policy is normally selected by those clients who just want some and not all of the services we provide. That includes: all expenses involving in the location search up to 30Km from where we are based* and literally everything we will agree upon on the contract. The hourly rate does not apply to the assistance with legal matters and paperwork and translation and interpreting.

WEDDING EXPRESS: + 20%. For those looking for an elopement or a last-minute wedding a 20% increase on the standard fares applies. That is justified by the crazy amount of running around we will have to do in a short period of time.

FROM A TO Z: from £ 2800. This popular option is the ultimate peace of mind pill. It includes our support from paperwork to presence on the big day. The price might vary according to the length/distance of the venue search and last minute buggers (not that there should be any). The price obviously excludes suppliers’ and material costs.